Learn to produce gripping television news shows and segments that keep your viewer glued to the screen.

You’re only ever as good as your last broadcast, but how do you ensure each broadcast is better than the last? When it all comes together on air, it’s thanks to meticulous behind-the-scenes work. Like every orchestra needs a conductor, every television broadcast team needs a highly focused producer to keep them marching to the same beat. During this practical two-day course, you’ll learn how to perform a wide range of tasks essential to TV news production. You’ll be able to plan your broadcasts effectively, tell better stories and use your news gut to identify unique ideas. You’ll also develop equally essential soft skills around communication, teamwork, decision-making and organisation, which will prepare you to deal with challenging situations that come with the job.

By the end of this course you’ll be able to: 

  • Understand the basic principles of TV production 
  • Get to grips with the essential elements (editorial and technical) that comprise an insert or segment
  • Operate with a clear understanding of your role and responsibilities as a TV producer
  • Develop a relationship with your audience by first getting to know their needs and habits
  • Understand what goes into show-building
  • Generate and pitch ideas to keep programming growing and evolving
  • Conduct research and pre-interviews to develop original content
  • Develop a show rundown and write links that work
  • Identify new talent (potential contributors and interviewees with a fresh voice)
  • Formulate interview requests and professionally handle guests 
  • Manage personalities and show dynamics 
  • Facilitate team meetings for planning and debriefing purposes
  • Develop a forward planning calendar

Course Details

Duration: Three days
Location: Johannesburg or online
Group size: 3-10 participants

How it works: This course can either be run as a block course (three consecutive days) or one day of training weekly over three weeks.


Nala Academy prides itself on offering the best, by the best. We provide a range of online and in-person courses for journalists, editors and content producers. Our training is dynamic, contemporary and practical – with course content that evolves as quickly as the industry does. 

Our core training team includes some of the most recognised names in media in Africa who have built, led and worked for some of the biggest media brands on the continent. We also bring in prominent global journalists and communicators as guest trainers. 

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