Intrigue, inform and entertain your audience with brand stories and content that speaks to their wants and needs with this three-day course.

Every brand has a story to tell, and no one can resist a well-told story. Learn the secrets of compelling storytelling from journalists and writers who know how to hook people with words and pictures. We’ll help you brainstorm content that highlights your brand’s unique offering and tease out powerful, meaningful stories from within your organisation. Then, we’ll show you how to turn those stories into visually stunning articles, videos and social media posts that tug at people’s heart strings or provoke them to action. Learn how to catch (and hold) your audience’s interest, and how to make your content specifically useful to them. Write punchy, persuasive text. Leave your audience with an unforgettable brand experience. 

By the end of this course, you’ll be able to: 

  • Understand the foundations of powerful stories
  • Develop a storytelling strategy for your brand
  • Identify the stories worth telling
  • Create killer storyboards to guide your content creation
  • Write tight, engaging copy 
  • Innovate with style and format 
  • Influence public perception of your brand through storytelling
  • Tell a wider story over time using multiple platforms

Course Details

Duration: Three days
Location: Johannesburg or online
Group size: 3-10 participants

How it works:  This course can either be run as a block course (three consecutive days) or one day of training weekly over three weeks.


Nala Academy prides itself on offering the best, by the best. We provide a range of online and in-person courses for journalists, editors and content producers. Our training is dynamic, contemporary and practical – with course content that evolves as quickly as the industry does. 

Our core training team includes some of the most recognised names in media in Africa who have built, led and worked for some of the biggest media brands on the continent. We also bring in prominent global journalists and communicators as guest trainers. 

To sign up for this course or enquire about our other offerings, get in touch.