Nala Integrated Media puts storytelling at the heart of everything we do. We’re passionate about forging partnerships with purpose-driven organisations to tell stories with power: stories that shift mindsets, spark discussion and bring us closer together.


As career journalists and communicators, we know that a good story is worth its weight in gold. So first, we discover the stories worth telling. We tease out themes, ideas and narratives that will strike a chord with your audience. Then we tell stories that are vivid, emotive and impactful, innovating with platform and story treatment to come up with something truly compelling. We put the audience at the centre of every story we tell.


Nala Media is a full service film and television production company, taking content from concept to completion. We offer premium production services for local and international broadcast networks, creating a range of media including TV series , documentaries, corporate videos, social media videos, and event videos.
We also offer digital storytelling, branded podcasting and content writing services.