Our newsroom development team executes quick, powerful turnarounds in the news industry. We also have an impressive track record of successfully taking brand new broadcasters to air. We partner with local and international experts to motivate, upskill and inspire your team.


At Nala Integrated Media, we’re all about tangible, lasting results in the news media. And we believe there’s nothing a smart strategy can’t solve. We’ve built a name for ourselves through hard work, and we stay agile and relevant by putting innovation at the centre of everything we do. Our goal is to help build the infrastructure of truth and trust in the news media.


Working with Nala Integrated Media gives you access to the best in the news business. We offer in-house consulting to help your team level up in a multi-platform world, focusing on all aspects of the business: from reporting and newsroom management, to staff development and wellness. We tackle any project from the heart of your newsroom, immersing ourselves in your team to assess your needs and drive real change.