Plan and work effectively to deliver world class field productions with this two-day course.

Behind every expert field production lies an enormous amount of planning and knowledge. Pulling together a recorded report or setting up for a live broadcast requires a wide range of skills, from planning and preparation to how to communicate and coordinate between the field and desk. Then there’s the technical expertise needed, such as setting up equipment, making sure the lighting is correct and composing your shots. This practical, hands-on course is ideal for producers, reporters and camera operators who want to learn the recipe for a successful news broadcast from the field – no matter the story. 

By the end of this course you’ll be able to: 

  • Understand and embrace your role in the field 
  • Coordinate and effectively communicate with crew and desk
  • Develop a broadcast plan (editorial and technical requirements)
  • Perform reconnaissance (recces) and get the right permissions for filming
  • Set up, test and execute live broadcasts and “looklives” 
  • Effectively deploy cameras, lights and sound to enhance your stories
  • Understand the rules of going live to air 
  • Develop a personal checklist before before going to air
  • Stay safe and secure in the field

Course Details

Duration: Two days
Location: Johannesburg or online
Group size: 3-10 participants

How it works: This course can either be run as a block course (two consecutive days) or one day of training weekly over two weeks.


Nala Academy prides itself on offering the best, by the best. We provide a range of online and in-person courses for journalists, editors and content producers. Our training is dynamic, contemporary and practical – with course content that evolves as quickly as the industry does. 

Our core training team includes some of the most recognised names in media in Africa who have built, led and worked for some of the biggest media brands on the continent. We also bring in prominent global journalists and communicators as guest trainers. 

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