PRESS RELEASE: Launch of Nala Academy

PRESS RELEASE: Launch of Nala Academy

Johannesburg, August 2022 – Top South African and African industry specialists have launched a new training academy to grow and develop the next generation of news editors, journalists and presenters, under the mentorship of expert facilitators.

With some of the continent’s most recognisable names in news and media at its helm, Nala Academy for Media and Journalism Training aims to provide world-class and future-fit training that helps journalism (and journalists) survive and flourish in a multi- platform world.

The academy is already working with clients across South Africa and Africa. In a world where information overload is fuelling the spread of disinformation, modern journalism’s challenge is to cut through the noise and deliver accurate, reliable news that is relevant and useful to audiences, helping citizens make informed decisions.

Nala Academy is launching at a time in which journalists, more than ever before, have a critical role to play in restoring public trust both in media and democracy. “This launch is a chance for us and our team of expert facilitators to inject decades of industry knowledge, experience and passion directly into newsrooms in South Africa and across Africa, while also equipping them with the skills they need to survive and thrive in the digital world,” says Newsroom Development Leader and Nala Academy director, Katy Katopodis.

Nala Academy for Media and Journalism Training has also introduced new corporate training offerings, which blend traditional media and communications training with the latest knowledge on emerging platforms and a healthy dose of digital media literacy. “We are launching a brand new training course called Media LIT to help citizens suss out the online media landscape, help stop the spread of ‘fake news’ and flex their critical thinking muscles, so they can think like a journalist when evaluating information,” says Nala Academy’s head of training and director, Camilla Bath.

These latest offerings equip corporates with the skills they need to thrive in a world where media literacy has become a business competency.

Visit our website for more information on training courses and other services offered.

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About Nala Integrated Media

Nala Integrated Media is proudly a black-owned and women-led company which recently launched Nala Academy, a subsidiary which delivers SETA-accredited training to corporates and journalists. Founded in 2018, Nala Media is made up of a dynamic team of media professionals with decades of industry experience.

The team:
Dudu Qubu, CEO
Katy Katopodis, Co-founder and Director
Penny Peppa, Co-founder and Director
Camilla Bath, Head of Training and director: Nala Academy

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