PRESS RELEASE: Launch of Nala Academy

PRESS RELEASE: Launch of Nala Academy

Johannesburg, August 2022 – Top South African and African industry specialists have launched a new training academy to grow and develop the next generation of news editors, journalists and presenters, under the mentorship of expert facilitators. With some of the continent’s most recognisable names in news and media at its helm, Nala Academy for Media […]

How connection multiplies communication

We are constantly drowning in information: on our phones, on our computers, in our offices and in our homes. There’s a firehose of information gushing straight into our faces all. the. time. And because of this deluge, we’re constantly trying to block out the “noise” and focus on what’s important to us.  When faced by […]

Introducing Nala Academy: A new way for a new world

“If you always do what you’ve always done, you always get what you’ve always got.” As career journalists and media workers, we’ve all found ourselves sitting in theory-heavy training sessions that promise the world but deliver very little real change. We’ve listened to so-called expert trainers who swoop in with limited context or understanding of […]

The secret to a compelling story

It’s a question that consumes those passionate about mastering the art of storytelling: What makes a good story? And more importantly, what makes a good story great? Recently, in one of the training workshops Nala Academy conducted with a community television channel, one of the teams produced a news package that seemingly had all the […]