The Nala Media Corporate Storytelling Process

At Nala Integrated Media we encourage our clients to be authentic storytellers, sharing real experiences and sparking emotional connections.

The purpose of a story is not to convey information.

The purpose of a story is to convey an experience.



Our Approach: Capturing your audience

As career journalists and communicators, we know that a good story is complex in the making but simple in the telling. We put our audience at the centre of every decision we make and we aim for the heart.


Our Process: Working with you to discover the story that exists


  • What do you want to achieve?
  • What do you need your audience to know or do?
  • Why should they care?


  • What are the key messages (not more than three) you would like to communicate that convey your company’s core beliefs?
  • What do you want your audience to remember?



Next, we work together to establish HOW this story will be packaged in terms of:

  • Style: The tone and treatment
  • Format and platforms: Where it will be published

Once again, the audience is at the centre of these decisions. The content is designed according to their needs and habits. We meet them where they are.


Some of the format options may include:

– A corporate video production

– An event video

– A documentary video production

– A television or digital series

– Videos optimised for Social Media

– A written piece crafted by our senior content writers

– A branded podcast


Once these questions have been workshopped, we immerse ourselves in your environment and the magic begins.

The communication now takes the form of a narrative with a hero your audience can relate to. We do this by developing a storyboard.

Our guiding premise: The plot and the characters exist. They are just waiting to be discovered.

The closer we get to art imitating life, the more we draw your audience in and the greater the emotional connection, making it memorable for your audience.




In the case of a video for your brand, once your production is meticulously planned and guided by a detailed storyboard, we are ready for action.

On the day of filming, everybody understands their role and knows their part, supported by our experienced crew.

And when things get too serious we remind everybody on set to relax, breathe and have fun with it!


Our Services

Nala Media is a full service film and television production company, taking content from concept to completion. We offer premium production services for local and international broadcast networks, creating a range of media including video content production.

We also offer dynamic, contemporary and practical training through Nala Academy with a range of online and in-person courses for communication professionals, journalists and editors. Nala Academy helps journalists and communicators master the art of storytelling to connect with audiences and spread powerful messages.

Either way, if you want to sharpen your storytelling skills, or are looking for a talented, passionate team to help you tell your story, get in touch. We’d love to help.


In Conclusion

The Nala Media corporate storytelling process is a powerful approach that puts the audience at the centre. By making the story memorable, we are able to achieve your most desired outcome: drawing your audience in so that you can begin to share your message through powerful emotional connections.


CASE STUDY: Video storytelling for your brand

We recently created a video for SAHETI School with the objective of showcasing the experience of primary school children attending the school. We decided to let the pupils themselves tell their stories. By asking the question “What’s so special about your school?”, we were able to identify kindness as a consistent theme in their experiences.


Nala Media

Inspired by the power and the potential of connection, we started Nala Integrated Media in 2018 to build newsrooms, grow communicators and create great content.