Introducing Nala Academy: A new way for a new world

“If you always do what you’ve always done, you always get what you’ve always got.”

As career journalists and media workers, we’ve all found ourselves sitting in theory-heavy training sessions that promise the world but deliver very little real change. We’ve listened to so-called expert trainers who swoop in with limited context or understanding of what it is to be a journalist or communicator on our continent right now, and suggest solutions without understanding our lived realities. 

Nala Academy is different. We believe there is a better way: a way to train journalists and communicators that unlocks the power and potential of true connection in the digital age. A way to share knowledge gained from decades of industry experience that makes sense in our fast-paced media environment. Training that ditches long-winded lectures and instead focuses on learning by doing. A training programme that respects the always-on nature of many people’s jobs. 

Our method 

Using cutting-edge education tools and techniques including bite-sized learning, spaced repetition and personalisation, we get participants thinking in new ways about how they do their jobs. We don’t overwhelm them with outdated theory or didactic methods; instead we give them the space to grow using experiential learning. We use the “flipped classroom” concept to turn the traditional training model on its head – asking participants to learn and prepare before training sessions in ways that push them out of their comfort zones and allow them to indulge their own curiosity. The training room itself then becomes a dynamic space for reflection and discussion. 

Our trainers 

Nala Academy prides itself on offering the best, by the best. Our core training team includes some of the most recognised names in media in Africa who have built, led and worked for some of the biggest media brands on the continent. We also bring in prominent global journalists and communicators as guest trainers to surprise, delight and inspire participants. 

Our approach

We approach our training like any good journalist approaches a news story. First, we establish the facts. We spend time with our clients to properly understand your needs and goals, and come up with a training plan we think might work. Then it’s time for a little digging. We spend time with participants to get the lay of the land, which helps us to identify gaps, immerse ourselves in your systems and tailor our training plan to your strengths and weaknesses. Once we’re sure of what needs to be done, we’re ready to get stuck in: we train in-house or virtually, using our radically different and proven learning format. Lastly, as any good journalist will tell you, one of the most important steps in reporting is the follow-up. That’s why we monitor the progress of training participants from beginning to end, and beyond. Our involvement doesn’t end when the training does. We’re after measurable, tangible results, and we know they don’t happen overnight.


Nala Academy helps journalists and communicators master the art of storytelling to connect with audiences and spread powerful messages. If you want to sharpen your storytelling skills, or are looking for a talented, passionate team to help you tell your story, get in touch. We’d love to help.


Nala Media

Inspired by the power and the potential of connection, we started Nala Integrated Media in 2018 to build newsrooms, grow communicators and create great content.